5 Things You Can Do to Be Proactive about Your Mental Health

(GoHealthier.com) - Being proactive about your mental health can ease stress and conflict in the future. While acute and prolonged situations as well as...

Improving Your Life, Outside In

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Safer Living

Being healthy means being safe. Safer Living is all about making safer choices for your life. From tips about exercise safety to truly understanding the additives in your food, Safer Living can help you prevent harm coming to yourself and your family. One of the best ways to Go Healthier is with Safer Living!

Don’t forget to pick up Inspired Living, which is all about nourishing your soul along with your body, as well as Looking Great, Go Healthier’s external beauty care newsletter.

What You Need to Know about Understanding Blood Pressure Numbers

(GoHealthier.com) - No matter your health status or situation, everyone should understand what a blood pressure reading means. As part of any routine examination, you've likely had your blood pressure taken many times. It's...

Inspired Living

Indulge and enjoy with Inspired Living. If you think staying fit and eating well means you can’t enjoy it, Inspired Living will show you how to turn your mindset around. Inspired Living is all about tasty, healthy recipes, mindset shifts and meditations, and taking steps to nourish your body and soul so you feel better from within.

For the full picture, make sure to explore Go Healthier’s Looking Great for external care and beauty tips, as well as Safer Living to ensure you stay safe while choosing recipe ingredients and exercising.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Frequent Colds

(GoHealthier.com) - Have you been getting frequent colds? Especially after periods of isolation, people are more prone to getting colds. The winter season, with indoor celebrations and family gatherings, makes colds and other sicknesses...

Looking Great

Do you want to look as wonderful on the outside as you feel on the inside? Looking Great is the way to make it happen. Looking Great is Go Healthier’s newsletter full of tips for rejuvenating your skin, making sure your clothes fit great, hair care, nail health, and caring for the body you treasure.

Combine the tips from Looking Great with Inspired Living, which is all about nourishing your body and mind, as well as Safer Living — tips to make sure you and your family stay safe.

Best Way to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

(GoHealthier.com) - A hairstyle can make or break any look, and not everyone can pull off the same approach. Whether we wear our hair long or short, with or without bangs or colored or...


About Go Healthier

Go Healthier is a place of support for those looking to improve their physical health, mindset, and safety awareness through diet, exercise, and mindfulness methods. With Looking Great, you can focus on looking your best and embodying the confidence that good health brings. Check out Safer Living to get informed about nutritional ingredients and focus on personal safety and exercise safety. And lastly, don’t forget to choose Inspired Living to get healthy and delicious recipes, and to work on your mindset so you can stay the course.

Getting healthy isn’t easy — that’s why we don’t think you should go at it alone. Go Healthier wants to be your friend and guide, every step of the way. Check back regularly for constant encouragement.

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