6 Skin Care Ingredients You Likely Have at Home

6 Skin Care Ingredients You Likely Have at Home
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(GoHealthier.com) – Taking good care of our skin is essential for that radiant, glowing look we all desire. But we don’t have to spend big bucks to make our skin look and feel great. In fact, most of us already have what we need at home. Check out these six popular skin care ingredients, and see how many of them you can find in your kitchen.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for moisturizing hair, but it’s also a wonderful addition to a skin care routine. It’s antifungal and antibacterial, along with being healthy and safe for use on skin. It easily removes eye makeup — even the waterproof kinds. Thanks to its moisturizing potential, coconut oil can make skin soft and supple. Just remember to use it on skin when there’s plenty of time to let it soak in to avoid getting it onto clothing or other fabrics.

2. Coffee Grounds

Making a body scrub from coffee grounds is easy, affordable, and it can be an invigorating option for those days when a little extra pampering feels necessary. A scrub made from coffee grounds may help remove dead skin, and there’s also some evidence the caffeine might stimulate fat degradation and reduce cellulite. Mixing the coffee grounds with coconut oil could give the extra benefit of smoother skin.

3. Fresh Cucumbers

Every movie spa scene seems to show people with cucumbers over their eyes, and for good reason! Cucumber slices may decrease puffiness around the eye area due to their high ascorbic acid levels, which helps reduce water retention. Ascorbic acid may also prevent wrinkles. Cucumbers may reduce redness, too, contributing to a fresher, well-rested look.

4. Brown Sugar

Looking for a homemade lip scrub? Brown sugar may be the answer. Most people mix the sugar with olive oil or coconut oil to exfoliate. There are plenty of recipes online for this scrub, making it easy to add other things and find the combination that works best. Because it’s gentle on the lips, we can use it more frequently than other types of scrubs, which might lead to over-exfoliation and soreness.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains lactic acid, a common ingredient in anti-aging skin care products. It may help lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles by acting as a gentle exfoliant. The probiotics in Greek yogurt may soothe and moisturize the skin as a moisturizing face mask, also.

6. Manuka Honey

Packed with vitamins and live enzymes, this variety of raw honey may be used in a mask for better skin hydration or mixed with fresh lemon juice to treat the appearance of dark spots. It’s important to choose raw honey because processed honey loses most of the beneficial nutrients.

There’s an excellent chance we’ll find at least a few skin care ingredients no matter what items we keep in the kitchen cupboards. Why buy expensive skin products when our pantry or fridge may contain all the ingredients our skin needs? With some DIY creativity, it’s possible to set up a mini spa day in the comforts of our own homes.

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