5 Tips for Dealing with Mental Fatigue

5 Tips on Dealing with Mental Fatigue (or 2020, in General)

(GoHealthier.com) –  From scary viruses to crazy life events, the stress of everything happening in the world can wreak havoc on anyone’s psyche. The most important person to look out for during all this turmoil is you. Taking care of both your physical and mental health is vital to survival. Here’s how to deal with it appropriately.

1. Focus on Rest

Sleep might be one of the best things the body can do to recuperate from mental fatigue. If you can’t get in your recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, try to make time for little cat-naps throughout the day. Slip away for even 15 minutes to a quiet place where you can take a nap or just relax your muscles. This can help calm a busy mind and rejuvenate your senses.

2. Stop Catastrophic Thinking

If you’re stressed out mentally, your mind may start racing and wandering off to negative thoughts. You can stop catastrophic thinking by using positive affirmations. Tell yourself that things will get better. Picture yourself on the beach or in the woods, deep in thought. This may help distract your mind from the present moment and alleviate stress.

3. Give Yourself Space

Day in and day out, you are surrounded by people. Constant noise might be stressful and overwhelming when you’re already carrying a huge workload, or if you have something daunting on your mind. Take time to get away. Go to a quiet place and read, or stop off somewhere and take a walk by yourself.

4. Stay Off Social Media

During stressful and overwhelming times, be sure to stay off of social media. The constant chatter of political banter and world news can be sad, discouraging and depressing. If you don’t want to delete it altogether, limit the time you spend on it to when all of your other chores and tasks are finished for the day.

5. Treat Yourself

At the end of a stressful day, one way to gain peace of mind is to treat yourself. Make a spa day of it. Get your hair and nails done, get a massage. Anything you can do to make your mind feel more at ease is worth it. It will help give you a sense of positive self-worth and reassurance.

Mental fatigue is always challenging. Some people can sail right through, but most of us need to take some time out to refresh and recharge. Don’t hesitate to do it. The world needs you, but most of all you need you! Take care of yourself.

~Here’s to a Healthier Life!

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