Try This Kink for Healthier Relationships

Try This Kink for Healthier Relationships

( – Our relationships rely on a delicate balance of love, trust and openness. We may have different ways of keeping the fire burning hot, but in many cases, trying a new kink can be just the kindling to do the trick. Even tamer practices can borrow a lesson from the freakier ones out there, with one common essential element being at every core.

Communication might not seem all that kinky, but it holds a unique power that could improve our relationships in ways some of us might never have imagined. It can be an incredible tool in bed too. Here’s how.

The Power of Words

Sexual satisfaction between two people can’t hit its peak unless both partners know what the other likes — and that’s not going to happen if no one is talking. It’s essential to express when something is (or isn’t) working. Intimacy requires a certain measure of trust, and that begins with being honest about what we want. Why hold back? The goal is to improve the experience for both parties.

Words can have a different kind of magic as well. It’s okay to talk dirty; the right words can sometimes cast spells of their own over the body. Communication can spark adventure. We might consider sharing our deepest fantasies and playing out whatever furthers the mood. The right narrative need not even get physical to take both parties to new depths and heights. Why not try some creative dialogue and see where it goes?

Taking a Lesson From the BDSM Scene

Bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM) likely has different connotations depending on the person, but it can lend a lesson to couples of all kinds. Couples who engage in these practices must communicate to keep themselves and their partners safe and satisfied. Not only might they openly discuss what they want and expect (in detail), but they also engage in a practice called aftercare.

Aftercare entails checking in with one another, seeing where the other one is at physically and emotionally and going over any issues that may have arisen in bed. Each person is free to bring up whatever they need to feel secure the next time they get together. This type of practice allows for a different level of intimacy, one that requires just as much trust as any sexual act.

Those of us who’ve never been with communicative partners might not realize how important or necessary words can be. Some of us might even find it a turnoff when asked to express our wants, likes and even our hang-ups — but that usually occurs when we haven’t had enough practice at it. Feeling so open or vulnerable with another person isn’t always easy. Taking charge of our sexual wants and needs can feel awkward at first, but it can empower us over time.

Getting kinky doesn’t always entail pulling out handcuffs, whips and chains. It can occur in the mind just as well, although the ideas might not always stay there. Communication might not seem like a kink, let alone one that can improve the health of nearly any relationship, but it could be one of the most powerful tools a person can bring to the bedroom. Why not give it a try and see firsthand the magic it can make?

~Here’s to a Healthier Life!

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