4 Ways to Prevent Glasses From Fogging with a Mask

4 Ways to Prevent Glasses From Fogging with a Mask

(GoHealthier.com) – Glasses that fog when you’re trying to perform tasks may be frustrating and even dangerous. A mask can only add to the problem. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be. We have four suggestions to reduce fogging with a mask.

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Wearing masks in public isn’t going away anytime soon. For people who wear glasses, that might mean dealing with foggy vision. However, we aren’t doomed to live in the clouds because there are some great ways to reduce fogging and see more clearly. Read on to find out how to keep the fog off your glasses when wearing a mask.

These Techniques May Keep Mask Fog Away.

1. Choose a Mask That Fits Correctly

A mask that fits loosely allows warm air to escape out the top constantly. That warm, moist air may fog up glasses, regardless of the outside temperature. Select a mask with a shapeable nose bridge, and shape it to fit snugly. It’ll reduce the air that escapes upward and also provide you (and others) with superior protection.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Soap and Water

Soap may stop glasses from fogging. Wash lenses with soapy water, shake off any excess liquid, and allow glasses to air dry. Drying them with a soft cloth may also work, but don’t rub them too hard. The goal is to leave a thin film of soap on the lenses. The film won’t affect vision, but it may reduce fog.

3. Put Your Glasses Over Your Mask

By pulling the mask further up the bridge of the nose and placing the glasses on top, there’s less chance for upward airflow when breathing. This technique works especially well when coupled with a mask that can be shaped to the bridge of the nose. The reduction in warm air reaching the glasses may keep fog at bay.

4. Break Out the Tape

We can use sports or medical tape to attach masks securely to the nose or face. For those of us who have to leave our masks on for hours at a time, this may be an effective solution. Avoid any tape that’s not made to be used on skin, and be extra careful if sensitive skin issues are a problem. To avoid issues, test the tape on another part of the body, like the inside of the arm, before using it on more sensitive or delicate skin.

The frustration of fogging glasses may be a thing of the past with these great tips. If they still aren’t right for you, consider the sprays and wipes made to reduce fogging after making sure the ingredients won’t harm any protective coating your glasses might have. It’s always useful to see more clearly, especially when wearing a mask.

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