If Skinny Jeans Are Out, Which Jeans Are In? How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body

If Skinny Jeans Are Out, Which Jeans Are In? How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body
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(GoHealthier.com) – When it comes to wardrobe essentials, jeans are often at the top of the list. This season, though, one old standby may be out: Skinny jeans have run their course, according to Generation Z. But if the skinnies are out, which jeans are now in? It’s really about our personal denim preferences and what looks good on each of us. Here are some tips on how to find jeans that accentuate every body type.


This body shape means we have a mini waist but a bigger bust and derriere. It’s a great shape that warrants a flattering fit. For this Marilyn-Monroe body type, choose jeans that slim our bodies rather than mold them. Select dark denim colors that have wider legs and a little flare at the base. Consider low-rise jeans in a boot-cut design. Avoid tight jeans.


As popular pear shapes, we have small shoulders and medium-sized bust sizes. We have wide hips but tiny waistlines. We should choose jeans that sit below our waist. Tapered-legged and boot-cut jeans are good choices. Darker shaded jeans slim our legs and make them appear longer. Choose relaxed fit jeans like the classic boyfriend jean.


For those of us who find ourselves with well-proportioned upper and lower bodies, our waists are short, and we have a bit of a tummy, but we have a slim backside and legs. Choose jeans with an elastic waistline. If desired, we can even choose styles with extra tummy support to provide a more flattering fit. Jeggings and boot-cut jeans are excellent choices for this body type.


When our bodies are widest at our square, straight shoulders, we’re likely to qualify as strawberry-shaped. Our style possibilities are endless with this body shape. Straight-legged, flared, and bootcut jeans are awesome choices for this body type. They pair well with simple tops with a flattering v-neckline.

It’s easier to select the right type of jeans based on our body types and appearances. A good pair of jeans is a foundation for the types of tops we might want to add or layer. Remember, it doesn’t matter what styles of jeans we decide on because our inner beauty shines through, and we’re perfect, regardless of what we wear. And who says we have to stay true to trends? If you love skinny jeans, embrace them!

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