Best Way to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

Best Way to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

( – A hairstyle can make or break any look, and not everyone can pull off the same approach. Whether we wear our hair long or short, with or without bangs or colored or natural, how we part it can make a difference in our overall presentation. Trends change, and tastes vary, but face shape stays relatively the same.

Glamour recently shared some disturbing news: According to Generation Z, only “old people” part their hair on the side. Well, we have some news of our own: Being young doesn’t make a person immune to the effects of the wrong hair-parting choice. Here are the basics of matching the right part with our face shape.


Gen Z has it right for this face shape. According to Byrdie, the lines we produce by parting the hair squarely through the center of the head can lengthen a round face’s appearance and improve symmetry. Layers are okay, but too many will spoil the effect.

Not sold on the center-part look? Reader’s Digest suggests trying a deep side part. The extreme asymmetry helps offset some of the face’s roundness. Try adding higher volume for a stronger visual effect.


Square faces typically do best with styles that soften the jawline, which excludes the center part in most cases. Soften the features with a slight side part and flowy layers. Sideswept bangs are another flattering choice for this facial shape.


Byrdie suggests people with oval faces experiment with different looks, noting this facial structure can rock most hair-parting choices. Choosing a slightly off-center part works particularly well, but deep side parts and side-swept bangs are also flattering. Most oval faces can also pull off slicked-back ponytails and blunt bangs, so don’t be afraid to try something different or dramatic.


This face shape is another that a center part typically accentuates in all the wrong places. An off-center or side part can help soften the chin and add more balance to the overall look. Layers and styles that pull back the upper half of the hair can also add definition in just the right places.


Side parts also work best on diamond-shaped faces, highlighting the cheekbones while also balancing them out. Dramatic cuts, bangs and even excessively long hair are all unflattering on this face shape, and a center part is likely to worsen their effects. Shorter hairstyles may help lift the forehead and accentuate the face.


A center part can help offset this face shape’s length, giving the illusion of added roundness and making it the perfect choice for oblong faces. Adding bangs or layers can balance the shape and accentuate the jaw and cheekbones. Try using a diagonal or zig-zagged part for some added flair and dimension.

Our hair can be a big part of the impressions we make, so why not do all we can to accentuate our best features? A center part might be most fashionable right now, but it isn’t always the best choice for everyone. And besides, what’s the fun in copying everyone else’s idea of “cool” when our individuality is what makes each of us so great? Part your hair in a way that makes you feel happy and beautiful.

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