Science-Backed Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day—Even if You’re Single

Science-Backed Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day—Even if You’re Single
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( – Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect day to show our significant other or sweetheart just how much we care. Flowers, jewelry, candy, dinner, and lingerie are among the things topping the list of gifts, generally.

But what about those of us who are flying solo on V Day? Our first thought might be to just skip over the holiday. Some of us might even think of it as an overpriced Hallmark holiday. But science says we should get out and celebrate, even if we’re single. Here’s why.

Celebrate Yourself for Better Health

It can be difficult to be alone on Valentine’s Day — even for singles who prefer solo life. But the day of love and showering someone with gifts does not have to be geared exclusively toward couples. We can make it a day of celebrating ourselves, too.

Research has shown that taking time out to praise our lives can produce healthy responses and lower our heart rate. Take some time to do self-compassionate mental exercises and replay them on Valentine’s Day. It’s a treat for the soul.

Get Together With Friends to Increase Happiness

Friendsgiving is a great way to get together with friends and neighbors to celebrate thankfulness and appreciation. Why not do this on Valentine’s day? Researchers have found that friends boost happiness, so what better time to invite them over than one of the potentially most depressing days of the year for singles?

Plan a “Galentine’s Day” or a pot-luck and get together to reminisce and talk about reasons to be thankful. It’s a good way to feel a sense of belonging. Why not make it an annual event? It’s a great way for singles to come together and still celebrate the day of love.

Indulge Yourself to Boost Well-Being

Ending a relationship can be sad, but it’s even more devastating when we realize how much we set aside our own needs through the years. Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time to indulge in all we’ve missed — and one study has found that indulging can boost our well-being. Indulging can also boost dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter in our brains.

This Valentine’s Day, book a spa appointment, schedule a mani/pedi appointment, make reservations or order takeout from a new restaurant, or head to the movie theater to check out that new flick. Embrace all of the fun things that can be enjoyed even without a significant other.

Dote on Your Furry Pals to Improve Mental Health

It’s easy to feel down or even downright depressed about being alone. Some of us have someone in our lives who is always there for us, through thick and thin — our pets. Studies have found that pets can help boost our mental health and make our hearts healthy, too. Take the time on Valentine’s Day to dote on them and spoil them rotten. Visit the groomer, grab some cheeseburgers and head to the dog park.

There are several reasons to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, even if we’re single. It’s really all about making our hearts happy. Sometimes this comes in the form of spoiling others just to see how happy they get. No matter what you do, make sure it brings you happiness. Life is too short for anything less.

~Here’s to a Healthier Life!

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