5 Accounts to Block on Social Media for Greater Happiness

5 Accounts to Block on Social Media for Greater Happiness
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(GoHealthier.com) – We often hop on social media to browse posts and stories or catch up on our friend’s daily life musings. The endless scrolling throughout the day is a great way to pass the time, but it can negatively affect us more than we realize. Some things are enjoyable to read, but others can evoke feelings of jealousy, anger and sadness. Triggered negative feelings may lead to unhappiness. Here are five types of social media accounts we should block.

1. Stay Off The Ex’s Social Media Pages

Even if the relationships end amicably, watching an exes move on without us can be hurtful. All those pictures of them enjoying their new life could be triggering, especially if they have a new partner. Seeing their posts makes it easy to compare things to the past. To stay happy, stay off an ex’s page — and consider blocking them, so the temptation isn’t there.

2. News and Politics

Even though the election is over, many of us still follow political and news sites to stay updated on current events. The issue? The division, finger-pointing, and in some cases, hate and rage are major triggers. Steer clear of these controversial posts on social media for a calmer mind. Take a step back and see if stress levels decrease. It may be beneficial to take a short break from politics and get back to the basics.

3. Fitness and Diet

Stay clear of fitness and diet posts, especially for those of us who are easily deterred. While fitness and diet inspiration might be helpful at times, it can be discouraging if we’ve been sticking to our diets without losing weight while others seemingly shed half their body weight. Everyone is different. We need to maintain our health goals regardless of social media posts, which may or may not be true and definitely don’t apply to us. Keep going, and consider staying off social media.

4. Sex Shaming

Ever read a social media post about boosting libido or someone complaining about how their partner doesn’t want sex as much as they do? Some of us might even compare our love lives to others. The reality is that everyone has different needs and wants. We should never beat ourselves up by thinking we should be doing more where our love lives are concerned.

5. Toxic Family and Friends

Some of us deal with challenging, drama-filled relationships on-line. We may love them, but man, do they drive us crazy sometimes. Some friends and family members will condemn and criticize every post others make on social media. They may also post things that are detrimental to our mental health. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, in this case. It might be best to stay off pages, unfollow, or even block certain friends or family members if they can’t respect boundaries.

Social media has many benefits, but it can also destroy our inner sense of peace and joy. Like a middle school friend who used to control what we did and how we felt, this situation needs to stop now. It’s up to us to take control of our lives and protect our emotions. Let’s eliminate the things, especially electronically, that drain our happiness and focus on things that build us up, make us better and reinforce us.

~Here’s to a Healthier Life!

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