How to Make New Friends in Midlife

( – By the time middle age hits, their lives have changed considerably. For some, it means having lives connected mainly to one hobby. Others are hard at work and don’t have much time for socializing. Couples and single parents can also be quite focused on their children in middle age — and as parents age, many middle aged people find themselves sandwiched, or caring for both children and aging parents at the same time.

As life goes on, it’s not like most people at this point in their lives have time to join clubs. They’re not in school every day, and jobs carry ‘big professional energy’ where you typically don’t socialize afterwards like you might have when you’re young. So how do you go about making friends as an adult?

Where to Find Friendships at Middle Age

Let’s take a look at places to uncover the best friendships at middle age. Don’t limit yourself to the people you happen to know because of work or your kid’s playgroup. Instead, try one of these ideas.

Go Digital

A way to save time and apply filters, it’s time to take to the internet. Sites like are amazing for finding groups based on your interest — all local to you. While some of these groups contain activities that cost money, others have free gatherings at local libraries and more!

Get Sporty

Do you still like to play sports? From football gatherings to Formula-1 Fridays, sports fans always get together to root for their favorite teams. If you’re truly sporty and agile, you can get out there on the field and kick a soccer ball or bounce a basketball.

Play Some Games

Hit up your local gaming store (LGS) for one of the easiest communities to get into. Whether you like competitive customizable card games like Magic: the Gathering, painting miniatures for tabletop games like Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons, or focusing on more of a story as with Bluebeard’s Bride, the local gaming store has a place for you. You can try anything from a complicated new game to a good old classic like Monopoly.

Commit Volunteerism!

Do you love helping animals or people in need? Are you passionate about a political cause? You might make a great volunteer. Look for volunteer opportunities at pre-existing organizations in your community. Check out Habitat for Humanity, animal shelters, food banks, senior centers, and more for a chance to lend a helping hand. You’ll meet others who are passionate about giving back to the community as well.

Deepen Existing Relationships

It’s likely you have more acquaintances you know — that is, people you’re not closely connected to but, people you know nevertheless. Over time, you might find that you have the opportunity for deeper friendships with existing acquaintances. Maybe you’ve gotten more into a hobby you both share, or you’re going through something similar in life. Now is a great time to reach out, invite someone to coffee, and level up your friendship.

Feeling lonely is something everyone has struggled with as the result of pandemic-time isolation, and for some, it’s been tough going even though the quarantines have ended. If you’re looking for places to gather, start at your local library for community resources. Your local librarian can fill you in on volunteer opportunities and let you know about other groups that already meet at the library.

Don’t be ashamed of being lonely — it happens! And it happens to people in middle age more than you’d think. Whether you’re a sudden empty nester, a recent divorcee, or simply consumed by a demanding day job, it’s time to reach out and find a new friend or two.

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