Best Winter Hats for Your Face Shape

Best Winter Hats for Your Face Shape
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( – It’s getting a little breezy out there. With cold weather approaching, it’s time to be armed with the supplies necessary to stay warm, starting with a warm hat. Ever grab a hat from the store only to get home to find it just doesn’t fit or look quite perfect? The solution is to find the best hat to suit our face shape. Here are some common face shapes and the best hats for each type.

Round and Full

Those who have round, full face shapes should look for a hat that makes the face appear longer. A popular style to choose from is the deerstalker style hat. Think Sherlock Holmes, with a little bow or bobble on top. This hat style is gaining popularity, especially when sporting a fur motif. Beanies are perfect for full faces, too.


A heart-shaped face deserves to be accentuated and highlighted. Those with heart-shaped faces have a warm, loving appearance, so the hat of choice should live up to that. Newsboy caps, baseball hats, fedoras, and beanies are all good options. Headbands are also popular for heart-shaped faces, and wool is a great option for staying warm as cold breezes blow.


An oblong-shaped face needs a bobble hat, sold at most fashion retailers. Some even have cute pom-poms on the top. They also come in many different colors. Beanies and fedoras are also good options for this face shape.


Those with oval faces have nearly unlimited options when it comes to choosing the perfect hat. A fleece-backed aviator hat may be a great option. Aviator hats have flaps on the side to protect ears from freezing. These Russian-inspired hats often have muskrat, rabbit, or sheepskin around the face. They are also made from leather.


For those with a rectangular-shaped mug, one option may be the fedora. They don’t provide a ton of side coverage, but their tapered shape adds length to the face. A crease down the center and pinch at the front of the crown is its focal trademark. The wider the brim, the more it will accentuate a rectangular shape. Most are made from light wool and felt materials.

Getting the right headcover is important for retaining heat. But it has to look good, too. While most of us can pull off whatever hat we like, finding one that complements our facial features may be a goal for some of us. If you want to look and feel your best this fall and winter, choose your hat wisely. And stay warm!

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