Choosing a Hairstyle To Flatter Your Face Shape

Choosing a Hairstyle to Flatter Your Face Shape

( – A new hairstyle should be cause for excitement, anticipation and celebration. Unfortunately, for those of us who’ve suffered through bad haircuts, they can be a source of anxiety and can even make us feel uncomfortable and out of place. Fortunately, we can choose a style based on face shape that might help us rock a new look. Want to know more? Keep reading!

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How we style our hair may say a lot about us, but it almost certainly influences our self-confidence and comfort around others. It’s natural to want to look our best, and our appearance might impact personal and professional interactions. So, how can we get an optimal hairstyle? The key seems to be face shape. Read on to find the best haircuts for each face shape.

There Are Great Haircut Options for Every Face.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

There are two main ways to determine face shape. First, take a photo of your face with hair tied back. Trace the outline of your face and match it to the closest shape. There are eight face shapes: rectangle, square, heart, oval, diamond, triangle, oblong, and round.

The second way to discover your face shape is to measure your face. The width of areas like your cheekbones, brow, and jawline can all provide clues to the shape of your face. A wider jawline and narrower forehead, for example, is most like a triangle shape.

Still unsure? This Cosmopolitan guide can help you determine your face shape.

Once you know the shape of your face, consider styles that correlate. Your hair texture, length, and health will also be considerations.

Rectangle Face Shapes

Soft cuts with lots of layers work well for rectangular faces because they soften the jawline and forehead without making your face look longer. If you want a lot of length, consider curls or waves to add volume and soften angles. Longer-cut bangs or bangs swept to the side may also be good options, especially when choosing softer, more rounded looks.

Square Face Shapes

Flattering a square face may mean choosing softer haircuts. Long layers often work for this, as does a side part. You may also want to choose a layered bob, and by adding side-swept bangs, you’ll add to the softness of the look and flatter your face shape even more.

Heart Face Shapes

More fullness around the jawline may help balance a heart-shaped face because it has a broader brow and a narrower chin. A more extended cut that’s side-swept may reduce focus on the upper half of the face, and waves or curls that start below the ear may add to that effect. A side-parted pixie cut may be a dramatic and flattering look for people with heart-shaped faces, and texturing the ends adds softness to the style.

Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces may have the most options when it comes to flattering haircuts. They accept various cuts and styles, with everything from blunt bobs to long layers generally looking good on them. Waves or curls may also be popular options, as they reduce any chance of a hairstyle making your oval face look too long.

Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond faces may have sharper angles than some other shapes, so softening those angles is often the goal of a flattering hairstyle. A long or medium cut with layers, touseling, and a deep side part may be a great combination. A chin-length bob may also be flattering for widening the jawline, and a pulled-back ponytail may help accentuate the cheekbones while making the forehead appear wider.

Triangle Face Shapes

Triangular faces may appear to be bottom-heavy, but there are flattering haircuts that minimize this concern. A more extended cut with layers that finish at the eyes or cheekbones may draw attention upward on the face. For a flattering short haircut, try a choppy pixie cut and consider wispy or side-swept bangs for a softer look, as well.

Oblong Face Shapes

An oblong face shape may look best with a haircut that widens at the cheekbones, which means curls and waves are often popular. Keep the length somewhere between the chin and the shoulders, add curls or increase waves to create a comfortable, flattering look.

Round Face Shapes

Choppy pixie cuts, hairstyles with long layers and side-swept bangs may be excellent choices for a round face shape. These cuts help accentuate features and may make a round face look longer. That may provide a more angular look that’s more flattering than a haircut that might highlight the roundness of your features.

No matter what our face shapes might be, there are haircuts to flatter us. Choosing a haircut each of us likes and feels good about may make us feel happier, prettier, and more confident. While face shapes matter for haircuts, it’s ultimately more important that we like our haircuts and feel good when looking in the mirror. Let’s get out there and rule a new style!

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