6 Bizarre Cancer Warning Signs You NEED to Know About

6 Bizarre Cancer Warning Signs You NEED to Know About

(GoHealthier.com) – Doctors’ offices are filled with brochures discussing the symptoms of cancer. The classic signs are easy to pick up on when experiencing them. These well-known signs include sudden unexplained weight loss, fever, aches, pains and sudden fatigue. Some forms of cancer exhibit little to no signs or symptoms.

Then there’s door number three: surprising warning signs you may have cancer that you won’t want to ignore. Learn more about six bizarre cancer warning signs to watch out for.

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Various types of cancer afflict different parts of our bodies. They follow different pathologies, and we become aware of their presence through an array of signs and symptoms. Most of us know the classic signs that something isn’t right with our bodies, like unexplained aches and pains or sudden, dramatic weight loss. However, we may have reason not to ignore signs like numbness, bowel changes, bruising, night sweats, skin changes or changes in our breasts. Find out all the details in the full article.

Learn About Six Odd Signs Potentially Signaling Cancer. 

1. Numbness of the Extremities

Many of us experience periodic numbness of our hands and feet. Common explanations for the sensation include diabetes, blood flow issues, and pinched nerves. However, numbness can also indicate the presence of cancerous tumors located in the spine or brain. It might also be any number of other causes that might be treatable. Experiencing sudden numbness of our extremities should prompt us to visit a healthcare provider for answers.

2. Change in Bowel Habits

The sudden onset of diarrhea or constipation typically indicates a dietary or water intake issue. However, cancer can lead to continuous liquid discharge in some instances or a backed-up system in the event of tumor-based blockages. Additionally, pencil-thin stool can occur if a person has colon cancer.

3. Excessive Bruising

Many of us bruise easily and have histories of bruising going back to childhood. Frequent bruising is not uncommon, but excessive bruising in unusual places where we normally don’t experience it may indicate a form of blood cancer.

4. Night Sweats

Many of us sweat at night, particularly those hot and humid ones associated with summertime. Women may also experience hot flashes due to menopause. However, night sweats experienced at lower temperatures or excessive sweating could indicate leukemia or lymphoma.

5. Skin Changes

A variety of skin changes might indicate the presence of cancer. For example, the sudden appearance of a new mole or changes in an existing one can be cause for alarm. Likewise, if we experience injuries or sores that won’t heal, it’s probably time to head to the doctor’s office.

6. Breast Changes

Although breast cancer is commonly associated with women, men can get it too. Symptoms to look for include the appearance of any lumps on our breasts or any new and unexplained dimples or puckering of the breast tissue that could indicate the presence of tumors or other cancerous tissue. Other symptoms include tenderness, breast pain, nipple pain or red patches.

There are dozens of known forms of cancer, many of them accompanied by unusual symptoms. If you’ve experienced any of the signs or conditions listed above, you should check with a licensed medical professional. It’s also important to implement regular check-ups.

Knowledge is power. Being aware of odd potential warning signs might spur us to action. Timely follow-up with qualified healthcare professionals might save lives and impact the course of treatment. If you have concerns, don’t wait; schedule an appointment and settle any doubts. You’re worth the effort.

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