Yuck! 5 Dirty Things in the Home That Could Be Making You Sick

Yuck! 5 Dirty Things in the Home That Could Be Making You Sick

(GoHealthier.com) – Germs are everywhere. Most of us work diligently to prevent their spread by hand washing and cleaning surfaces around the house. While cleaning is good, some areas might be overlooked. These locations are on items that we use every day. Just because they appear clean doesn’t mean they really are. Check out these things hidden in plain sight that may be making you sick.

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Bacteria abounds on almost every crack and crevice in our homes. While bleach and other antibacterials can fight them, they can reappear just as quickly. Targeting high-traffic shared areas becomes critical in the fight to keep things truly clean. Read on about these downright dirty items that we come in contact with every day and start fighting pesky germs.

These Dirty Items Could Be Making You Sick

1. Computer Keyboard

While we may dust and wipe our computers frequently, there is still a good chance many of us have overlooked our computer keyboard. Because of all the nooks and crannies, bacteria can grow rapidly below surfaces. One common bacteria is Bacillus, which is found in soil, among other places. This bacteria can reach our computer keyboard and eventually could trigger infection.

2. Cell Phones

It’s one of the most common possessions of teens and adults globally: The cellphone. But think about where it goes. It travels with us to restaurants, doctor’s offices, the car, bedrooms, bathrooms — virtually everywhere. Along the way, it can pick up viruses and other contaminants that might make us super sick.

3. Kitchen Sponge

Many of us use sponges to clean after every meal throughout the day. The issue is after wiping up dirt, food, and small particles, a moist environment is created that draws in bacteria. Because it is often rinsed out and reused again, it may become a safe harbor for bacteria. In addition, it may spread bacteria every time it’s used. Those who use kitchen sponges may want to consider rinsing them in a bleach solution to destroy anything that could make us sick.

4. Pillowcases

As we lay our heads down each night, particles that landed in our hair throughout the day may transfer to the pillowcase. In addition, dust mites, dirt, oil, and other irritants abound on pillowcases. Consider replacing them often, and wash them in hot water to kill hidden pollutants.

5. Toothbrush Holder

It’s a chore most of us perform at least twice a day, if not more: Brushing our teeth. While we strive to brush properly, we are quick to put that brush away. What about the holder? Consider what lies at the bottom–airborne particles from using the toilet, drool, used brush water, and possible food particles from brushing. Things like coliform, E. coli, and salmonella may abound here. Clean it out frequently with a bleach solution.

There are many household items right in front of us that could be triggering underlying illness or malaise. Now is the time to take a closer look and decide to make a clean break. Keeping things longer than we should or not washing frequently enough may do more harm than good. Let’s grab some cleaning supplies and antibacterial soap. Not only will things look cleaner, but we may also prevent unwanted sickness as well.

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