Got Snacks? 6 Reasons Snacking is Good for You

Got Snacks? 6 Reasons Snacking is Good for You

( – Some people discourage snacking because it might “spoil your appetite” for other meals. But further investigation shows that might not be the best way to handle hunger. As it turns out, snacking actually offers a number of benefits.

Snacking can do our bodies and minds a big favor. Let’s explore six reasons why snacking is actually good for you.

1. It Improves Overall Health

Choosing healthy snacks may go a long way toward a healthier life overall. People who choose snacks like fruits and vegetables instead of candy and chips lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health conditions. That’s true no matter their age and might be a great way to feel better with a few easy changes to their diet.

2. It Regulates Your Mood

Being “hangry” (hungry + angry) is a real thing, and healthy snacking may go a long way toward improving mood. Healthy snacks, spaced throughout the day, may keep people from getting overly hungry and becoming grouchy. By choosing to have a small snack when hunger strikes, it may be far easier to reduce that angry, stressed-out feeling.

3. It Helps Fight Weight Gain

A lot of people battle slow weight gain, especially as they age. Much of that comes from unhealthy snacks like candy, chips, and other treats. Instead of eating those things, opt for healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy, and more. By making healthy choices when snacking, it may be possible to reduce or eliminate weight gain and move back down the scale to a slimmer figure and better health.

4. It Gives You More Energy

There’s nothing like that 3 pm crash — when sleep sounds like the very best option in the world — but there’s still work to do, and the day may feel like it’s dragging on forever. Choosing a small, healthy snack when attention and energy start to sink might provide the necessary boost to get back to work and get things done. Snacking may give us more energy, overall, and that helps make tasks easier.

5. It Helps Curb Cravings

Cravings may hit at any time, sometimes when the body isn’t even signaling that it’s hungry. That commercial for pizza or the billboard for a burger and fries may mean food is at the forefront of just about every thought. But it’s easier to curb those cravings by spacing healthy snacks throughout the day. Not letting hunger build up is one of the best ways to reduce a craving for something sweet, fatty, or unhealthy.

6. It Boosts Your Brain Power

Whether working or engaging in some other activity that requires thought or attention, brainpower is essential. Healthy snacks may boost that power and make it easier to think quickly and clearly. A clearer mind leads to more productivity and even getting things done faster to go on to the next task. Snacking may make us productive enough to more easily get through our work days.

No matter what reasons we have for snacking, it’s important to choose healthy options and be mindful of portion sizes. Snacks may be beneficial when handled right, but they can also add up to additional calories. It’s also easy to choose unhealthy options that taste good, especially when we’re in a hurry. By taking our time and planning snacks in advance, there may be a much better chance of reaping the healthy benefits from snacking and avoiding potential problems and risks.

~Here’s to a Healthier Life!

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