5 Hacks for a Perfect Smile in Pictures

5 Hacks for a Perfect Smile in Pictures

(GoHealthier.com) – A picture can be worth a thousand words. In this digital age of cell phones, tablets and laptops, we have easy access to cameras allowing us to post pictures almost instantly. It’s a mixed blessing; sometimes, those snaps are not what we really want others to see. A flinch, smug smile, or awkward pose can make us dislike the result. Here are five hacks we can use to get that perfect smile in the next shot.

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Ready, set, snap! It’s all about getting that perfect photo every time. But sometimes, no matter what the pose is, it doesn’t feel natural. Time for a re-take. To get the picture perfect smile, there are some things to consider. Try out these savvy tips to achieve the perfect smile in that next snapshot.

Try Out These Helpful Tips at Your Next Photo Session. 

1. Keep Teeth in Top-Notch Shape

Dental hygiene is vital to overall health and wellbeing. While most of us practice a healthy oral lifestyle, things do pop up. Skipping a cleaning here or there or stained teeth, such as those caused by coffee, can impair our smile. The optimal way to achieve a perfect smile is through a dental exam and cleaning.

Be sure to brush and floss teeth before taking a photo. If there’s no time to do that, take a moment to lick your teeth. This simple trick can help remove any debris and make our pearly whites appear shiny and bright. Another idea is to drink some water before snapping a photo.

2. Be Yourself

When looking back at old photos, we may wish we just looked more like ourselves. Don’t put on a lot of makeup if this isn’t how you normally look. Hair always in a ponytail? Consider leaving it. Aiming to look the way we normally do can lead to more authentic photos.

3. Don’t Force Your Smile

The worst thing we can do is appear to be forcing a smile. Try to look natural and avoid grinning cheek to cheek. An unnatural grin can make it look like we’re trying to adjust ourselves for the camera. Keep it simple, and don’t overdo it.

4. Smile With Your Eyes

Those with dental issues or a lack of self-esteem when it comes to smiling may want to try smiling with their eyes. It’s simple. Close your mouth and smile, but focus on bringing it out with your eyes — not your mouth. The result is a peaceful yet happy look without the teeth.

5. Trick: Close Your Eyes and Open

Before taking the photo, try refreshing your face. Get your stance down pat, but then close your eyes and slowly open them. Now you’re ready! This easy action offers a minor reboot of any facial expression left on the face. The result is fresh, new, and totally camera ready.

Whether it’s a family portrait or a photo for social media, we all want to look our best. No matter what we’re wearing or doing, we can always take the perfect shot. So choose your best angle and implement some of these tips. Forget editing. You’re well on your way to the perfect portrait.

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